Sep 30, 2012


It's Sunday today. For me, more like any other day really.
I have a fucked up sleep schedule and way too few lectures and school stuff to help me act like a normal human being. Yesterday I slept for 13 hours. That isn't normal, even for me.
Yesterday I also watched four movies with my cousin Ella. First we saw the latest Ice Age movie, it was really good and funny. After that we watched three Channing Tatum movies in a row. Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street and Dear John. We overdosed a bit, but it was oh so sweet. Or hot. Channing Tatum is hot. Too hot almost. I can't believe I hadn't noticed that until yesterday.

Anyway, fucked up sleep schedule makes Linn a tired panda, so today I treated myself to some home spa time. Because I am a girl and therefore can do shit like that! ^^
Ah yes, I am so graceful and ladylike.

Also, today is 30 September, which means September is over, which means my blogging challenge 'September madness' is over. Evaluation: I missed a few days, but I think I made an overall good performance. It went better than I expected at least. Not that my life is very exciting or worthy to blog about, or read about, but whatever, I like writing nonsense and posting silly pictures. Deal with it.

Now I will go and wash away this girly shit on my face. 

Bless, bless!

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