Sep 3, 2012

Hen party

So! It's Sunday now (or technically Monday, but who gives a crap), and yesterday was the day of the hen party! We started by meeting the girls in town in Göteborg, and forced Elizabeth to wear the tutu and veil that we had made for her.

Ella, me, Elizabeth, Mellgren and Bettan squinting in the sun. Yes, we look retarded.

Sandra and Elizabeth, all happy and cute.

We went to Steinbrenner & Nyberg to indulge in a cake buffet. The cakes were sooo good!

Elizabeth was completely stuffed and chuffed after :)

We took a quick stroll in Nordstan to buy some drinks and facial masks (which we ended up completely forgetting to use, since we had too good of a time with the drinks ;))

We had more fun than you can tell from some facial expressions. 

Waiting for the tram to go home and drink, play games and have a girls' night!
And yes, we are quite good at the whole looking-retarded-thing.

Oh look, it's me and Elizabeth! It's seriously tiring business going round town being all happy and shit, so we needed a bit of a rest.

Drunken kisses ;)

Sandra and Elizabeth 

My super beautiful Mellgren!

After the cakes and the partying we went out on the town to Gretas, which is a fabulous gay club, and Anna also joined us and we danced. Even I danced, it was amazing! I dance maaaybe once every three years, so it's kind of a big deal. But you know, they played "Spice up your life" and I couldn't just stand still for that.

I realised my mobile camera isn't exceptionally good at taking pictures of dancing people, so this picture will just have to do!

This lady was just fabulous, and she knew all the dance moves to every song.

Anna is so cute in the pink veil.

She was also extremely proud of me dancing like a crazy person. Anything I can do to please, really ;)

Anywho, we had a blast, and we came home late and went to sleep even later. I eventually woke up at 15:20 (3:20 PM for any Americans out there) but amazingly enough I haven't felt like complete and utter shit today. A miracle if ever I saw one. Unfortunately, that probably has to do a lot with my fucked of sleep schedule, courtesy of Summer 2012. This is still fucked up, which is bad, since school starts again tomorrow, but what the hell, I can sleep when I'm dead. Or just, you know, when I'm too tired to stay awake any longer. 

Blah, blah, kisses! 

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