Sep 1, 2013

Weekend fun

I've had such a good weekend! I spent most of yesterday and today at Liseberg, yesterday with Ella and Stoffe, and today with Ella and Cecilia. 
Yesterday we went on one of the water rides, got stuck under a small waterfall for a couple of minutes and got COMPLETELY drenched. I am not even kidding when I say that I was dripping when we finally got off the damn ride. This happened when we still planned on spending several more hours at the park, which we also did, but man were we cold and wet, for hours! I jumped straight in the shower when I came home, hot hot water, and then went to bed in full pajamas with a hot water bottle clutched to my stomach. Ugh.

Ella and Stoffe :)

Little things in life that are nice and apply to my weekend:
We skipped the horrible water ride today, but since it rained every now and then we got wet today as well. Our clothes dried nicely between the showers, but my socks and shoes were wet and cold all day :(

I laughed A LOT today. I love uncontrollable, can't-stop-or-breathe-laughter, and Ella and Cecilia are really good at making me laugh. According to Ella, I have a kind of laugh which makes her laugh just because it sounds so funny (and because I look so funny, because I often laugh so hard no noise comes out), and then she starts laughing and I keep laughing and then I almost pee my pants, so I stop laughing. But then we start laughing again. I'm almost tired of laughing now, and I certainly am tired of the word "laugh".

One thing that's really nice about hanging with Ella and Cecilia is that they get my references to things like Supernatural and Harry Potter and we can talk and laugh and fangirl for hours about this stuff. Most of my other friends don't get most of my references and I'm sure they wish I'd just shut up about it already. Getting my nerd off while riding roller coasters and eating cotton candy is absolutely the best way that I can think of to spend a day. Take it away Ernie!

Riding roller coasters is, without a doubt, one of my favourite things to do. I ride them all, no hesitation, no fear, just pure joy. Ella was too scared to ride Atmosfear (afraid of heights, lame-o!), but damn, I just love it! And the view over Gothenburg is great! Balder is my absolute favourite at Liseberg, closely followed by Jukebox, which, without fail, makes me laugh every time I ride it.

 I discovered today that autumn has sneaked up on Gothenburg. The leaves are slowly starting to change colour and the air is getting cooler. Also, The Rain has begun. Every Gothenburgian knows what this means. But I love autumn (perfect time for fika!), so I don't mind the slightest.

All this running about, laughing, screaming, eating fast food and snacks, and acting like the child I actually still am has made me tireeeeeeed! My spirit may be that of a child, but my body knows it's older than that, so it punishes me with aches and soreness and fatigue. So I plan on curling up in my bed to watch Peter Pan while listening to the autumn winds outside my window. Mys!

Aug 31, 2013


Men in kilts...hell to the yes

Valkyriiiiiiiiiieeeeeee! She's cooler than you!

Update on life...go!

I finally sent in my essay! In a week we will have an opposition seminar at which they will probably tell me to fix this and that, but when I have done that I AM DONE!! Goodfuckingbye teacher training, hello rest of my life!!

On Wednesday Sandra and I are taking a mini trip to Kiel to do some shopping and bask in the glory that is Germany! (Is the north part of Germany so glorious? I don't know...) 
And after that we will become cat mums!

I'm so fucking happy I could shit rainbows! :D

Aug 30, 2013



Aug 25, 2013

Some of my summer in pictures

Now that the power chord to my mac has undergone home reparation (don't worry, I didn't do it, I'm not insane) I thought I would post some pictures from my summer :)
Starting with:
Midsummer! I spent my midsummer with Vanessa, Magnus and Joakim in Kungsbacka and at Tjolöholm Castle. We had a barbecue, they danced around the pole, it rained, we took a walk around the castle grounds, we went home and barbecued some salmon, we ate was a nice day.

Tjolöholms slott!

I need these flowers in my future garden, but I have no idea what they're called.

Later in the summer, I spent a lot of time with my godson. We went to the playground, we went on bicycle trips to the countryside, we ate bananas, we threw pebbles in Rolfsån, and we napped. It is exhausting spending time with and taking care of a kid, phew. Kudos to all you parents out there, I have no idea how you manage!

One day Sandra and I took the ferry out to Vrångö. We love it there and spent a whole day sunbathing, reading, swimming and picknicking.

We love going by boat, wohoo!

I went back and forth to Kungsbacka in July, to babysit Joakim and help Vanessa with stuff. Joakim has a knack for falling asleep on the bike, it's actually pretty adorable.

One afternoon we went to Stensjön to swim, it was absolutely lovely! It's only the second time I've gone swimming this summer, I should feel bad about that...

One particularly warm and sweaty day I went on a picknick in Slottsskogen with Mellgren, Andreas and Dille! Apart from me almost dying (you know I can't handle the heat), we had a lovely day in the park, looking at all the animals, eating ice cream, enjoying the view of Gothenburg and just wandering about. I love my city (and my friends!) so much.

Another day Mellgren took Sandra and me to visit our soon-to-be kitten, Misha! Hopefully, he'll be coming home with us in two weeks, and we also have a surprise related to this, but you'll have to wait and see... ;)

Me holding Misha, and Sandra being all "I want to hold the kitten, gimme!"

A few weeks ago we puppysat these two fur balls. Nera is the black puppy and the golden one is Yozi. They are adorable and I love them, even though they peed and shat on my floor...

Baby Nera

Last week I finally got to spend some time with Elsa, my dear old friend who it has been very difficult to see for the last five years or so, since she doesn't live in Gothenburg anymore. It was her 25th birthday and we celebrated her with pannkakstårta (a cake made with Swedish pancakes, ice cream, whipped cream and berries). It is delicious. 

A few days later Elsa, Lina and I went for a fika in Trädgårdsföreningen, and we visited Palmhuset (first time for me!). It contains exotic flowers and plants and is a very nice place to stroll around for a while. The admission is free, so I highly recommend a visit there!

My darlings Elsa and Lina :)

Hej Lina!