May 12, 2010

Sceptre of Deception

Hmmm trying to focus on essay writing is not the easiest task... I have managed to write about 10 pages now, when finished it should be 15-20 pages, so I'm not that far away from my goal! =) I do, however, have barely one month to finish it, plus all the other crap I'm supposed to do in school! Oh, Shakespeare, if I could, I would do as Blackadder and go back in time and punch you in the face. At least sometimes I feel like that :P

If you are wondering what my essay is about I will be happy to tell you. I'm writing a C-Essay for my English course, 15 points all in all, which means points equal to half the term. In words more Linn-like: It's a big ass essay!
"But what is it about?" you may be asking. Well, the title is:
Language use in metal song lyrics: A study of the Swedish power metal band Falconer.
Oooh, a STUDY! Wow, that's specific! :P
Like Bea would say, "splainy?!"
I can share my purpose with you (this is a sneak peak from the abstract in my essay):
The purpose of this essay is to investigate the different linguistic aspects of a certain subgenre of metal music, power metal, to get a general picture of the language use in metal song lyrics.

There! Understand now?
Aaah, screw you guys, I'm goin' home!

May 10, 2010


Ok so my blog is looking weird at the moment because I'm totally changing the background, buttons, etc., but hang in there and hopefully it will be pretty soon. It will probably take some time though, since I am not a computer geek and I AM SO ANNOYED WITH ALL THIS CRAP!!!
I really should be studying, but instead I'm choosing to fuck around with this shit and wanting to kill my computer =) Good stuff, huh?

May 9, 2010