Jul 31, 2013

Mac and Misha

I know I've been extremely sucky at blogging these past few months, but I actually have reasons for this! Firstly, I had to finish my dissertation, which took foreeeeeever (it seems like, but in reality it "only" took a few months)! We sent in our final version some time around mid-June and, YAY, WE PASSED! One might think this means I've finally graduated and become a teacher, but alas, I still have an old essay to finish first. This will hopefully happen in the coming week or two, but it is greatly hindered by the second reason I haven't been blogging:

Like a month ago, my AC adapter just went and died on me over night. The wires somehow detached from the adapter and I can therefore no longer power my computer = no blogging and no writing essays. This sucks major, or as Gabriel would say:
It's a great, big bag of dicks.

I need to borrow Sandra's PC for all my computer needs, and it just isn't quite as easy as having my own computer. Oh well, I must do what I can with what I can.

Anyway, I thought I would at least post some pictures of what we did today! Mellgren drove Sandra and me to look at the kitten that's going to move in with us in September. He is totally adorable and we are naming him Misha! The name was my idea, because he kind of has this "M" on his forehead (do cats have foreheads?) and blue eyes and the same brown and tan colouring as the angel Castiel in the TV show Supernatural (my latest love). Castiel is played by Misha Collins and I just love the name Misha (and the actor Misha!), so "M" on the forehead + blue eyes + brown and tan colouring = kitten-Misha!
I just really love saying Misha, Misha, Misha!
It's going to be awesome to be a meowmy (cat mummy)!

I can't wait!

Jul 14, 2013

Fuck you

To all the fucktards out there who hate just to hate, or because they're stupid. Who hate others because of sexuality, nationality, colour of skin. Fuck you.