Nov 20, 2012

...and some more little things

These little things have been happening on a regular basis the last couple of weeks. It's been good.

This is just ALWAYS a wonderful little thing...

...and I know a few people who are (almost) as excited as I am about correct grammar, Icelandic, the upcoming The Hobbit, and other nerdy things :)

Especially my Icelandic classes have been really interesting and I love it, even though it's difficult!

Just some more little things


Mmm, is there a better feeling than just having showered, putting on some clean pajamas and crawling into your clean, freshly made bed? I don't think so.

Or, in other words, a completely normal day for me.
The sad (or awesome?) part is that I'm not even joking.
At all.

And by "formal event" I mean school.

Being Swedish, and living in Sweden, it is definitely sweater weather right now. But that's perfectly okay, because I am very adapted to my surroundings. I'm a very good Swede who doesn't complain about the cold or about the weather and other trivial shit that other (less good) Swedes constantly bitch about. In my opinion, if you don't like the weather, the darkness, the whatever, then move the fuck away from Sweden, because I goddamn love it!

Love it.

Love this too.

Sometimes it's just awesomely lovely to stay inside, listening to the rain.

Just little things

Just little things in life right now

...and then stepping outside it gets completely fucked up.

Even though my bangs are too long at the mo, they're actually cooperating with me (most of the time at least...)

I recently changed shampoo so my hair now smells like apples, and I kid you not, I go around sniffing my own hair all the time because it smells SO DAMN GOOD and I just can't get enough of it!

Nov 17, 2012

Love Love Love

Yes. Always.

Oh Snape! :(

This is one of my favourite scenes in any movie, ever.

Best. Picture. Ever. !!!

Nov 16, 2012

I've long thought I belong in Hufflepuff, and now I have further proof for this!

Yes, Dumbledore, yes you fucking can.

Goose bumps

Yesterday (Wednesday that is) I went with a few friends to experience when Gothenburg's symphonists paid homage to John Williams on his 80th birthday. They played his most famous film scores, but also a couple of Olympic Games themes. We got to enjoy music from movies such as Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Schindler's List, Tintin, Jaws, Catch me if you can, ET, Saving Private Ryan, and, most imortantly, Star Wars. I was covered in goose bumps the whole evening. When they had played Star Wars Main Theme two Stormtroopers walked into the concert hall. We almost died from delight. Then Darth Vader walked in and they played The Imperial March, and I almost fainted. During the intermission we took pictures with a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader, and I have scarcely been as happy and nerdgasmic as I was then. It was pure magic, I loved it.