Sep 1, 2012

September madness

Well hello dear Blog! Fancy seeing you here...right where I left you.
I know I've been really sucky at updating like...this entire summer, but I was thinking that I would make up for being so sucky by blogging every day this whole month. I call it - September madness! Madness because I will probably become insane having to blog every day, and September because,'s now September. Duh.

This summer I've been busy working in England again (more precisely on the Isle of Wight), and after that I was "busy" doing...not a whole lot actually. It was glorious. Doing nothing, that is. Working isn't glorious at all.
I was thinking that I'd post some pictures and shit of my summer and tell you a little bit about what I did. But not "today" (as in 1 September). I will be super busy throwing my lovely Elizabeth her hen party, since she's getting married in October. Anywho, I won't have time to blog "today", and that's why I'm blogging today (31 August/1 September), because I haven't gone to sleep yet, okay?!

Whatever, you get the picture. See you Sunday!

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