Sep 30, 2012

Blasphemy Day

Oooh, apparently it is Blasphemy Day today! :D
So, in the spirit of the day:



It's Sunday today. For me, more like any other day really.
I have a fucked up sleep schedule and way too few lectures and school stuff to help me act like a normal human being. Yesterday I slept for 13 hours. That isn't normal, even for me.
Yesterday I also watched four movies with my cousin Ella. First we saw the latest Ice Age movie, it was really good and funny. After that we watched three Channing Tatum movies in a row. Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street and Dear John. We overdosed a bit, but it was oh so sweet. Or hot. Channing Tatum is hot. Too hot almost. I can't believe I hadn't noticed that until yesterday.

Anyway, fucked up sleep schedule makes Linn a tired panda, so today I treated myself to some home spa time. Because I am a girl and therefore can do shit like that! ^^
Ah yes, I am so graceful and ladylike.

Also, today is 30 September, which means September is over, which means my blogging challenge 'September madness' is over. Evaluation: I missed a few days, but I think I made an overall good performance. It went better than I expected at least. Not that my life is very exciting or worthy to blog about, or read about, but whatever, I like writing nonsense and posting silly pictures. Deal with it.

Now I will go and wash away this girly shit on my face. 

Bless, bless!
I want these.
The glasses, not the guy.

Sep 26, 2012

Bling Bayern Style

My cousin was in Germany yesterday and showed me this shop where you can buy Oktoberfest accessories. I want these, gimme gimme!
(Hint: These would be great for Christmas presents ;))

Sep 24, 2012


Story of my life.

Nerd party

So I went to Borås this weekend. Two of Alex's friends had their birthdays a while back so we celebrated them. Boy did we ever... I woke up with a couple of bruises and a sketch of Raphael (TMNT) = great party! Also, no hangover yay!
Both Alex and I were tired today though, so we spent the entire day on the couch, watching telly, Dead Like Me and Men in Black.
I don't have the ork to write more now, so toodles!

Sep 21, 2012

I'm going to the cinema with Alex today to see Brave (second time for me!), so this is probably all you're getting from me today.
Love the last one ^^


Just to keep my overseas family updated: I got bangs today!
I haven't had bangs like these since I was nine or something. I'm digging it.
Also, look at how long my hair is now! It's actually longer than you can see in the pictures, but yay!
I haven't had hair this long since I was 18. I'm digging that too.

My beloved Mellgren cut my hair today, and she also gave me this :)

A little Beatles and my favourite drink, it's perfect!

To top off a perfectly lovely Thursday, I had another lecture in Icelandic. It's slowly starting to become more difficult as we talk more about the grammar and pronunciation, but it's also becoming more and more interesting! I'm fairly certain I can manage to pronounce most of the sounds now and I'm really looking forward to expanding my extremely poor vocabulary and getting a clearer grasp on the whole grammar part of it. Icelandic has four grammatical cases and they also inflect words for number, gender, person, tense and so on. Inflection is all fine and well, but the four cases really screws with my Swedish brain (since Swedish no longer uses that system). However, I managed to learn German as a child, so I'm thinking I can manage four cases again (here's hoping!). The fact that I've forgotten most of my German is less important. I have to stay positive if I want to embrace my Swedishness/Nordicness properly!

I'm off to watch some more Doctor Who now. Bless!

Sep 19, 2012


I'm going out with friends tonight, so I'll leave you with this!
I agree with everything this lovely German guy says, but he still cracks me up, I just can't stop laughing at him. Marvellous.

Sep 18, 2012


I thought I would finally start blogging about my spring and summer. I know, I never procrastinate stuff. Not at all.
So, some of you know that I became a godmother in April. It's my dear friend Vanessa and her husband Magnus who lured me into this commitment. They made me stand in the church and everything. I even had to talk to the priest and hold a candle. Those bastards.

Anyway, here we are walking into the church. If you are not Swedish and if you love churches you might be interested to know that this is a pretty typical Swedish church. 

We had to do some weird touching-the-baby-while-the-priest-blessed-him-or-something.
Joakim clearly thought the priest was weird. Good boy :)

Joakim was reeeeally tired so he wasn't a very happy panda, and my job was to hold and bounce him all the time. I don't think I've ever been so tired in my arms and legs before.

 The little family :)

I love how Joakim just looks at the crowd like they're freaks when the priest presented him as the newest member of the congregation.

I will go to church for my loved ones, but I certainly will not join in the singing of the hymns. I do have some standards to uphold. 

Yes hello, we (or at least I) look somewhat stupid.
Whatever man.

Joakim got fed up with all the cameras and started chewing on his shoe instead.

Vanessa's parents joined us from Brazil via skype, woho!

In case you haven't already figured it out, the guy on my left is the godfather.

Having a baker as your daddy will definitely make your christening the event of the year.

The cakes were all SUPER delicious! I'm not even going to admit how much cake I stuffed down my throat, it's embarrassing. 

Sep 17, 2012

Today feels like a day when you need some silly pictures.


Almost exactly (give or take a few days) seven years ago, this is where I was:

My high school class and I went hiking on Sølen for a few days.

I wasn't very happy the first morning. I had barely slept at all, since I was hungry and cold all night, but I did get to see some really awesome northern lights while the others were sleeping. Too bad I didn't have a camera back then.

Frida doing some washing up after breakfast.

Frida and I, striding up the mountain.

It probably doesn't look like it, but it is actually hard work dragging your ass and a very heavy backpack up a mountain.

Just before we reached our camp it started snowing, in September. It was pretty awesome.

The first view of the lake where we would camp. 

When we finally came up to the lake we immediately raised our tents and made dinner before we sat back and enjoyed our surroundings. The snow stopped at some point and the sun shone down on us the rest of the day.

After eating, our dear teacher Kaktus (yes, that is his nickname) decided that we should attempt to climb one of the tops. 

Off most of us went!

Unfortunately, I got a severe case of chafed heels, so it truly was only an attempt at ascension for me and Frida, who was a darling and followed me back down. However, Helen and Kaktus made it all the way to the top.

The third day we awoke to this. We were tired, cold and grumpy so we decided that Kaktus could just shut up and that we would go home. We had had enough of Norway.

Frida and I are still grumpy that we didn't get a chance to reach the top of the mountain, and have thusly been planning our revenge for YEARS! Hopefully, we will go back for Revenge of Sølen next summer!