Aug 25, 2011

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Okay, so!
For a long time now I have been feeling like I should do more. With my blog I mean. Ah, who am I kidding, I should do more, period. It's not like I've been having a lot going on this year, but as always my mind has been doing a lot of thinking (curses!). And for some reason, which I am sure many of you agree with, it feels sooo much better once you've just written something about whatever it is your mind's currently occupied with. Now I think I've made up my mind to, as I said, just do more. With my blog I mean. Luckily enough for me, I've had a bit of inspiration.

It started a few weeks ago, when a fb-friend of mine posted a link to some random guy's blog. I had nothing better to do (shocker there, huh?!) so I clicketyclicked the link and had a hallelujah moment. Well, more than one moment in fact, the hallelujahs have kept on rolling in over me ever since. This "random guy" was f-ing amazing! I swear, I have an internet crush on him (because yes, I am lame). You must be thinking something along the lines of "Wow, who ever could this mystery man that has made Linn all rapturous, enthusiastical, *insert positive adjective* be? He must surely be a very special individual." (And not special in the retarded sense, because that would be me, and not him). If you did not have thoughts somewhere along these lines, you can just bugger off now, because this will not interest you.

The man, the myth, the legend (see what I did there? (that was btw a homage to the person in question)) is Hairy Swede. Now you may be thinking something like "Say what?/What now?/Who the f is that?/Huh?", but calm down. I shall explain.
As some of you might know, my deductive skills are vast and superior, and so, this is what I have learned about Mr Hairy Swede. If you know more than I do about him, please correct me if I am wrong. His name is Marcus, he is born in 1984 (I think) and he is a half-breed! Half Swedish and half American that is. Nothing cool like half wizard and half muggleborn. Anyway, born in Sweden, moved to the US of A at age 6, he then moved back to Sweden in 2007 to "find himself" or whatever. And when he did this, he started a blog about his adventure and graced us all with his witty writings. He has since moved back to the US of A (boo!), but he still occasionally blogs.

I don't know, maybe you don't think he's all that special, or maybe you don't even give a damn, but to me he is an inspiration and he has single-handedly filled me with a lust for blogging again. His blog is mostly about moving to Sweden, settling down here as a semi-Swede, and trying to find his Swedish side. He also gives most useful tips about making the transition if you yourself feel inclined to relocate to Sweden. I was thinking about doing my own version of this, something like "How to be Swedish" or "How to embrace your Swedishness". I'm hoping it will be good. And fun. If nothing else, at least I think it will be fun (for me that is :P).

So, anyway, leave me alone now and I'll get back to you with my first installment of "How to embrace your Swedishness" whenever I feel like writing it. It will probably be very soon, since I can feel my fingers itching!

Enjoy! :D
"Also, I mean, I like strangling hookers. Who doesn't?"

- Jeph Jacques


"The hardest part about hugging someone to whom you are attracted but not already makin' out with is knowing how long is safe. End the hug too soon and it's weird; the other person thinks "man why did he/she only hug me a little bit?" Hugging someone for too long, on the other hand, is a clear signal that HELLO YOU GIVE ME BONERS/SQUISHY LADYPARTS HAGBLGABGLH. We walk a tight-rope, my friends, a tight-rope over the chasm of AWKWARDNESS."

- Jeph Jacques

Well said.