Sep 4, 2012

I just realised, what with all that's been going on the last couple of days, that I forgot to blog yesterday! Oh well, I was busy actually having a life. School started yesterday and after that I took the train to Kungsbacka to go to my mother's house for a few days and help her with stuff. We've been cleaning and singing along with some mixtapes all day, and tomorrow we're going to some more. Yay. We're cleaning because there's going to be a showing of the house on Thursday, since the folks are selling it, so it needs to be spotless = boooring!

Anyway, the first day of school went great! It was fun seeing Adam, Bea and Anneli again, and I AM GOING TO STUDY ICELANDIC THIS TERM! How fucking cool is that?! :D It's actually a bit of a dream come true for me, because I love Iceland, their history and language and stuff. Now I just need to become rich so I can visit Iceland too.

In other news, I will also be taking an advanced grammar course and I have to write another huge fucking essay this term. About what, I do not yet know, I need to come up with something. Blah.
Oooh, and also, I just skyped with my father, and they are booking me and my brother tickets to come to Munich for Christmas! YAAAAAAAY!! ^^ I'm really sad that I didn't get to go there this summer, missing the Biergartens, Obaztda, Brezen, Spezi and Steckerlfisch, but summer is over now so no point in crying about that anymore... At least I have Weihnachtsmarkt to look forward to. :)

I'm going to go read now, because yes, I am a nerd. Peace out, xoxo

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