Feb 26, 2009

A rhyme

Today I thought
I'd make a rhyme
on how I like to
spend my time.

I think my hobby's
rather neat
For best of all
I love to eat!

Yes, I like food
An awful lot,
At times I find
it hard to stop.

Chicken's nice,
when full of spice,
served with steamy,
fluffy rice.

Steak's a treat,
and ham is neat,
But what I like
the best is sweet!

I like junk food
of all kinds,
I stuff it down
in record times.

Cookies, candies
by the score;
licorice and
gum galore.

Give me
cupcakes anyday,
When I'm around
they'll never stay.

Ice cream's great
for any mood,
Syrup's good
on any food.

I'll struggle through
a large parfait,
makes my day.

But, oh, alas,
I'm in a rut;
My mother is a
health food nut.

/Hugh Bowman

I think this rhyme describes me perfectly, don't you?

Feb 18, 2009

Hunkiest Disney character

So... instead of studying Sandra and I made a list: The hunkiest (male) Disney characters!
After much discussion this is what we decided.

3rd place goes to... (drum roll)


You know you can't deny it, he IS hunky! He climbs trees, he fights off leopards and he saves damsels in distress. What more could you want?

2nd place goes to...

Captain Shang from 'Mulan'!

He is grumpy, he is Chinese and HE IS HOT!

He fought against the Huns and captured Mulan's heart as well as ours <3

And so we have reached 1st place, which goes to...

Kocoum from 'Pocahontas'

He is an indian warrior, promised Pocahontas' hand in marriage but the silly SILLY girl does not want him! Well, CLEARLY she did not deserve him. Sadly, he is killed by Thomas :(
I must admit I have a thing for native americans (which is why I think Bella should choose Jacob in the 'Twilight'-series)... *drooling*

Feb 9, 2009


"Oh honey, you made a little joke. Good for you!"

Ten points if you know which movie the quote comes from <3

Feb 8, 2009

The carrot cake contains no nuts!

For those who possibly were wondering about the name for my blog

I love Little Britain

Asså balle...

I'm so sick of everything! Well, ok, not everything... but lots of things. Ok, not lots of things, but some things. Mainly school work. I don't orka! I cannot focus and the stupid fucking printer won't print on both sides of the paper, and I need it to be able to do that, and I'm mad! (as in angry, but also as in crazy I guess...no point denying what everyone can see)

I really need to start studying since our first final is in like 1 ½ weeks! Jeez...

Saw a program on telly (kanal 4) last night, it was called "Three men and a boat" or something. I quite enjoyed it actually. It was about three middle-aged men, I think they're comedians, and a dog, rowing up the Thames in a little rowing boat, all the way from Kingston (I think) to Oxford. Well, I don't orka telling you everything that happened, and I'm quite sure you wouldn't want to read it, so I'll spare you the tedious babbling.

Well blabla... Oh! It's been snowing here :D but the temperature's too high so it keeps thawing away :(

I had a dream about Lina and Pär last night. We were at some party somewhere, and Pär got in a fight with some random dude (surprise, surprise). Long story short, we had to drive Pär home and Lina and I had to comfort his mother and help her to nurse Pär back to health. Wonder if I'm starting to have those kind of dreams that come true... 'cause it sounds very likely to happen :P

anyway, I want to go brush me teeth, so screw you!

Feb 4, 2009

The Boy Who Lived

So we got the results for our VOC/MCT-tests (vocabulary and text), and I got the highest grade possible, YAY! Which means my English is at a C-level. Now I hope I can live up to it...

I didn't have any lectures or workshops today so I've been in bed all day, reading 'Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom' (boooring) and 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' (LOVELOVELOVE). I still have about 35 pages to read in the boring book until tomorrow... so I better get a move on!

See ya losers!

Jizz in my pants

For better quality click here.

This is my favourite video at the moment. For someone with my kind of stupid humour, this is really funny :D