Sep 21, 2012


Just to keep my overseas family updated: I got bangs today!
I haven't had bangs like these since I was nine or something. I'm digging it.
Also, look at how long my hair is now! It's actually longer than you can see in the pictures, but yay!
I haven't had hair this long since I was 18. I'm digging that too.

My beloved Mellgren cut my hair today, and she also gave me this :)

A little Beatles and my favourite drink, it's perfect!

To top off a perfectly lovely Thursday, I had another lecture in Icelandic. It's slowly starting to become more difficult as we talk more about the grammar and pronunciation, but it's also becoming more and more interesting! I'm fairly certain I can manage to pronounce most of the sounds now and I'm really looking forward to expanding my extremely poor vocabulary and getting a clearer grasp on the whole grammar part of it. Icelandic has four grammatical cases and they also inflect words for number, gender, person, tense and so on. Inflection is all fine and well, but the four cases really screws with my Swedish brain (since Swedish no longer uses that system). However, I managed to learn German as a child, so I'm thinking I can manage four cases again (here's hoping!). The fact that I've forgotten most of my German is less important. I have to stay positive if I want to embrace my Swedishness/Nordicness properly!

I'm off to watch some more Doctor Who now. Bless!

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