Jan 3, 2013


I love colours, preferably bright ones, and rainbows :)

Just Little Things

This makes me miss Anna, one of my best friends, and the talks we have.

A few little things I've been enjoying recently.

Paper eyelashes

Okay, I'm not exactly a girly girl, and god knows how seldom I bother to even put on mascara, but these paper eyelashes are just amazing.

Jan 1, 2013

München Christmas 2012

Prepare for a picture diary entry from my Christmas trip to Munich (München)!

Early on Christmas Eve we went out on the town to check out the Weihnachtsmarkt at Marienplatz. My brother and I were having a good time remembering things from our childhood there, including these Lebkuchen (or Pfefferkuchen). If memory serves me right they're not super tasty to eat (Swedish pepparkakor are SO much better!), but I think they are pretty and fun to look at.

The bell tower of the Rathaus.

The Rathaus.

The maypole at Viktualienmarkt. In Bavaria it's common that the maypole stays up all year round.

A really big Christmas pyramid used as a stall selling some food or beverages.

We found this stall that sold amazing chocolate items, like a camera, horseshoes, bolts and various other cool things.

This is what a proper Christmas tree looks like.

The back of the bell tower.

An inner courtyard inside the Rathaus.

 Feldhernhalle at Odeonsplatz.

Brilliant door handles.

I found these lovely nuns in a window.

On Christmas Day we took a stroll through the Englischer Garten and sat down at a Biergarten for some beer, Spezi and Brezn. Delicious.

My father loves beer. I do not.

Stepsister LA enjoying her beer too.

A bit further down on this street (right hand side) is where we used to live when I was little.

Christmas crackers are so...fun...hm.

Stepsister Dee and I made äggost! It was delicious.

This is some sort of big round ball thingy at a shopping mall in München.

Inside that same mall they have plants hanging from the ceiling, looks amazing!

One thing I love about München is the architecture. The buildings look so very European and you can find quirky little things like these everywhere.

This is one of München's most famous buildings, the Frauenkirche.

This is the Justizpalast in Karlsplatz.

Behold our beautiful äggost!

We went back to Marienplatz early one day, and just made it in time to watch the last few minutes of the Glockenspiel playing. I love that.

Found a store where I actually wanted to buy stuff. Most stores in München are expensive and boring, so this was a happy find.

My brother and I walked over to the Hauptbanhof and bought something to eat. He went for a kebab, but I, LOVING them, bought two Brezn instead. This one with salami, and the other was an Obatzder Brezn.

Inside the Frauenkirche. I hate religion, but I really do enjoy a beautiful church. You can't hate a building just because it was built for some retarded reason. Enjoy the architecture instead.

I love these houses at Viktualienmarkt, so colourful and lovely.

Our second before last evening we went to a bar to have a few drinks. Mine were spectacular.
This is a Coconut Kiss, tasty as fuck!

After the Coconut Kiss I ordered a Radler and a Raspberry Mojito, which was, hands down, the tastiest drink I have had in my entire life! I am so going back there next time I go to München.

Our last day we went to Schloss Nymphenburg, which used to be the main summer residence of the Bavarian rulers.

The palace is fucking huge, massive really (you should click on the link and check out the scrollable panoramic view on Wikipedia). Unfortunately, we only went for a walk in the park behind the palace, but I will definitely be back to go inside it some time.

A picture I found on Wikipedia, from ca 1730.

I really love Munich. I spent five of my childhood years here, and basically have nothing but good memories from this city. Last time I was here was almost ten years ago, so I really enjoyed finally coming back. Being there again and having such a lovely time re-awoke my happy memories and I found myself actually considering moving back there. It is such a beautiful and nice city, full of lovely people from all over the world (lots of foreigners!) and with a happy spirit, close to the Alps, with lots of castles and palaces, and full of meat and beer and good times. I guess we shall have to wait and see what the future brings, and if it brings me back to München! ;)