Sep 17, 2012


Almost exactly (give or take a few days) seven years ago, this is where I was:

My high school class and I went hiking on Sølen for a few days.

I wasn't very happy the first morning. I had barely slept at all, since I was hungry and cold all night, but I did get to see some really awesome northern lights while the others were sleeping. Too bad I didn't have a camera back then.

Frida doing some washing up after breakfast.

Frida and I, striding up the mountain.

It probably doesn't look like it, but it is actually hard work dragging your ass and a very heavy backpack up a mountain.

Just before we reached our camp it started snowing, in September. It was pretty awesome.

The first view of the lake where we would camp. 

When we finally came up to the lake we immediately raised our tents and made dinner before we sat back and enjoyed our surroundings. The snow stopped at some point and the sun shone down on us the rest of the day.

After eating, our dear teacher Kaktus (yes, that is his nickname) decided that we should attempt to climb one of the tops. 

Off most of us went!

Unfortunately, I got a severe case of chafed heels, so it truly was only an attempt at ascension for me and Frida, who was a darling and followed me back down. However, Helen and Kaktus made it all the way to the top.

The third day we awoke to this. We were tired, cold and grumpy so we decided that Kaktus could just shut up and that we would go home. We had had enough of Norway.

Frida and I are still grumpy that we didn't get a chance to reach the top of the mountain, and have thusly been planning our revenge for YEARS! Hopefully, we will go back for Revenge of Sølen next summer!

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