Feb 22, 2012


Found this at school. Some of it is funny and pretty true, but most of it is "slightly" offensive.
And yes, it is in Swedish, and no, I will not translate it for you. Use Google translate, ask someone else who knows Swedish, or learn Swedish, lazy buggers! :P

Embrace your Swedishness?


I was bored the other night so...yeah...

I can do duck face too, like a real girl!

But I prefer monkey face

Peace out!

Feb 17, 2012


I LOVE Glee and I LOVE Kurt <3

Free Friday

Today is Friday, and isn't Friday just a marvellous day?!
I had no school, so I got to sleep in (slept 8-9 hours, and oh my lord how I love to sleep!), and then went to have lunch at Amazing Thai with my cousin E. The name is spot on, because IT IS AMAZING!! A thai and sushi buffet for 85 SEK (roughly 8 quid) with free drinks and coffee/tea after (if you're not just too full to manage anything more, which I always am). It is truly thai food heaven. Omnomnom <3

After lunch we were too full to do anything, so we went home, and now here I am, eager to spend the rest of the day reading Arvtagaren (or Inheritance - Inheritance Book Four in English). I know it's a shame that I don't read it in English, but the explanation is simple: it's a lot easier to get a hold of the Swedish version, and I just couldn't wait any longer so blah!

And since I am Swedish (embrace it!!!) it is also time for some fika. This is not up for debate, it is a social institution in Sweden (click the link dude), so I must follow suit. Since I am also a nerd (hello, Inheritance?!) I fika in true nerd style. I love my mug. The fika for today consists of rooibos tea, two slices of soft gingerbread (mjuk pepparkaka, for those of you Englishmen who have been schooled by me), one Ballerinakaka and one Singoallakaka. Yum yum!

Feb 13, 2012


Some random silliness

Troll in the dungeon

"Today in my college English class, I texted my boyfriend and told him that I was bored.
Not even 5 minutes later he ran into the class and yelled
"TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!...I thought you all should know."
Then he collapsed on the floor, just like in Harry Potter. Not only did the teacher let us out early because he was laughing so hard, but I think I found the one."

Honey, I think so too. I'm not exactly romantic (lord knows), but that right there...pure nerd romance. I wish someone did that for me :P

Feb 12, 2012

Sunday, Sunday...

It's Sunday today (in case you hadn't noticed) and I woke up knowing, with dread in my heart, that today is the deadline for my essay. However, since I cannot function as a, shall we say, "normal" human being unless I have been awake for at least a couple of hours, I decided to, yet again, postpone the essay writing and have a little "beautification" session for myself. (This does however seem completely ridiculous since I don't really have any reason to try and beautify myself. On the other hand, I can't really get any worse, can I? That's a depressing thought.) So shower, facial mask and a lot of cream rubbing in my face was on the agenda.

Oh my, just look at that! Have you ever seen a prettier person? I think not.
And since I can't ever look normal...

Kitty decided to join me, so we both tried the duck face. I think mine was more successful.

And then Kitty decided to sample my facial mask. That cat loves to eat any and all creams. She's a bit of a freak, actually. But cute anyway. Kind of like me.

I feel like I should drink some green tea and eat fresh fruit and put cucumber on my eyes now. But yeah...no. My breakfast will consist of nutella sandwiches, cookies and hot chocolate. Because, honestly, that is more delicious.

Feb 11, 2012

Scary Baby

Last week I babysat my godson Joakim for an hour or so, and then spent the rest of the day with him and his parents. Joakim and I had a little nappy change followed by a tickle and laughing fest going on. He's almost 4 months old now and such a little (or I should say big!) cutiepie. I still don't feel a great desire to reproduce yet myself, but oh my, is he cute or what! The first baby I actually like and enjoy the company of.

Neither Joakim nor I understood what mommy was going on about.
"Linn, look up!"
"But why...gaah!"