Jan 29, 2012


After waving (not so much waving as other things) bye-bye to A today, I went shopping with my cousins S & E. I bought these amazing Star Wars-themed mint tin thingies that I have wanted (craved!!!) for quite some time, and I bought them for half price = 18 SEK (if you don't know how much/little 18 SEK is, I don't care. Bugger off.). When I have eaten all the mints I am going to put string on them and use them as Christmas decorations in my pink, fabulous tree! ^^
Oh my, that reminds me, I haven't put up any Christmas pictures yet...I have to do something about that.

I also bought the most AMAZINGLY orange sweatpants one could dream of.
Sadly, the picture, with its bad lighting, does not at all give the pants justice.
They are, as I said, AMAZINGLY orange. Truly. I kid you not.

I fucking love them.

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