Jan 31, 2012


Today, I was supposed to go to a lecture about how to interview people, but I thought "Fuck that" and slept some more instead. After lunch I met up with Anna and Bea and went to a seminar held by the one and only, Felix. Somehow, someone (probably Bea ;P) started giggling, and for the next 2,5 hours all three of us giggled and laughed our way through the entire seminar. Fueled by facebook comments, freezing fingers, random quotes from Felix (the teacher) and my hat (apparently), we just couldn't stop. The whole class stared at us and we felt utterly silly, but we couldn't help it. It was just one of those days, I guess. To be fair, we did apologize after the seminar, both to our fellow students and Felix, so all's well that ends well.

Apparently Bea found the sight of me to be very entertaining. I was FREEZING! And, I mean, my hat is awesome and beautiful so...why not wear it indoors?!

After school I went to my cousins', and we laughed some more. A lot more. I'm almost fed up with laughing and giggling now. I hope tomorrow will be a calmer day. *tired*

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