Jan 31, 2012

Christmas 2011 - part 2

Also, check out the amazing eggcheese I made! Eggcheese (äggost in Swedish) is a dish from Bohuslän, a Swedish province just north of Gothenburg, and it is delicious.
This was the first time I made eggcheese, and oh my lord it was so gooooood!
I rock.

The Christmas tree was out in the conservatory, but we had to move all the presents inside due to some major issues with dampness. Water + wrapping paper = not a good combination. So we put the gifts nicely in a pile in the corner, and Dee counted them (there were some 100-ish gifts, fuck yes). It was glorious. The pink one in the front was for me. Duh.
Here are my gifts, unwrapped. Score.
The black, stripy thing is a onesie, which we had to return, since I (being a descendant of Vikings, naturally) was too tall for it. Sad face :(
Finally, the best picture of all the Christmas pictures, is this one. If you weren't there for this, there is no point in me trying to explain it to you. It was just that good.

This framed, little picture later disappeared. Very mysterious indeed...

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