Jan 30, 2012

Christmas 2011 - part 1

Since I sometimes am a bit...slow when it comes to updating the blog, I now give you pictures from (last) Christmas. I spent the holidays in England with my brother, father, stepmother, stepsisters and Emma (girlfriend of a stepsister), but I also had the most awesomely colourful and beautiful tree here in
Sweden. It truly is me in tree form.

Kitteh playing in her favourite kind of place - a bag.
She must seriously be one of the most easily entertained cats ever. Just give her a bag (preferably a plastic one that will make a lot of noise) and she will have fun for hours. You've gotta love that.
And glitter from the Christmas tree is also extremely fun, just so's you know.

The most beautiful tree ever, and Kitteh and Marley

I love the cupcake bauble! ^^

We had some unconventional guests in the tree. But they were cool.

Love love love!

You have to have mushroom baubles too, everyone knows that.
Come on, tell me it isn't fabulous!
You can't? I know, because it IS fabulous!

You also need glittery cones :)
Dee (stepsister) made a croquembouche (I managed to spell that, all on my own!) for Boxing day dinner (or rather Boxing day pudding). My father thought it looked like the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. And it did, it really did. But with glitter on it ^^ (And really, we all know that the real Sorting Hat would look SO much better with glitter on it. Don't lie, you know it's true.) Anyway, the pudding was delicious! After eating it, somebody wondered out loud if we would get sparkly poo from eating glitter. Julie (stepmother) suggested we all check the next day. Now, I don't mean to accuse the rest of us of being negligent, but I was in fact the only one who bothered to check. And I can tell you that yes, you will get sparkly poo from eating glitter. Just so's you know.

Emma knows that the proper way to endure family dinners is to drink. Alcohol. Lots of it. Judging by the picture, you can probably tell that we did drink lots of it. The entire day. Skål!
The not-so-pink-but-still-fabulous Christmas tree, decorated by none other than me!
Sadly, most of the baubles and stuff had gone missing, so I had limited resources to work with, but I think I did a pretty good job considering.
Julie was mighty proud of her bunting that she had made and hung up in the conservatory. Robert (brother) and I fixed up the garlands with lights and baubles and prettiness.
Getting ready to feast on the glittery pudding! Emma was feeling mighty happy about something. :)
Dee, on the other hand, looked more...shall we say...hesitant.
I will let you enjoy this not-very-flattering picture (LA looks good though, as usual) of us. Keep in mind that we had been drinking. Alcohol. A lot of it. All day. Yes.
Emma, Dee and John were enjoying themselves. Truly. Take no heed of Emma's somewhat doubtful look. She did have fun. I promise!
Naaw. Lovely :)


  1. Well i love this blog it is fabbyyy! and i like the fact you caught the best bits..like sparkly poo!

    1. Why thank you dear stepsister! And I agree, sparkly poo is one of the best bits, and oh so worth mentioning!