Jan 26, 2012

Norway 24/10 - 28/10 (2011)

So yeah...maybe I should write about the trip to Norway also...Ok then.
Well, after another weekend in Borås (and also an STS reunion party with my cute kiddies!) I yet again got up too early (blaahh!) to take the bus to school and get on another bus to Oslo. If I remember correctly I slept for the most part of the journey, but I was awake to say hello to Dingle as we passed on the freeway ^^
We arrived in Oslo and Voksenåsen (the place where we stayed) at lunch time. It was extremely foggy the whole week, which was a shame, since Voksenåsen is situated on a mountain above Oslo, overlooking the whole town and surrounding area. We sighed a little, and then got on with our day, consisting of a lecture or the other and dinner. The second day we took a roundtrip by bus to and in Oslo, which was great fun. Our Norwegian guide was wonderful and fun was had all around. We started the tour halfway down the mountain, at Holmenkollbakken and Holmenkollen's skiing museum. It might look a bit boring at first glance, but with a good enough guide anything can be fun.

This is the very tall structure the ski jumpers go up in (by elevator) and then ski down.
A number of big events, like the Olympic winter games and some world championship or the other have been held here. Apparently people give a lot of crap about this, but I don't.

I was told the guide tried to explain and show exactly how you ski jump, but I was busy looking at something else, or freezing or something, so I didn't actually hear what she said. Oh well.

You can glimpse Oslo and the surrounding landscape through the mist.

Some glass castle thingy inside the museum. Pretty.

After Holmenkollbakken we went into Oslo and to Vigelandsparken, or Frognerparken as it is actually called. There you can look at a buttload of statues designed by Gustav Vigeland. Apart from the cold (I wore a thin jacket, silly me) I really enjoyed the park and the statues.
The statues are supposed to represent the various stages of a human being's life.
It is well worth a visit, I think.

Nice autumnal Oslo.

After the park we went to Vikingskipshuset, a viking ship museum. It was awesome. The only bad part is that we didn't have much time to walk around and look at the ships and all the artefacts found in the ships. But at least I managed to take some pictures.

Adam and Bea enjoyed it too :)

Lastly, we went to Oslo rådhus, the city hall, and looked around for a bit. Again, we were pressed on time so we only checked out Rådhushallen, the room in which the Nobel peace prize ceremony takes place.

After the tour, some of my fellow classmates and I decided to go to the Much musem, to see "Skrik" of course. Unfortunately, we were disappointed since the painting had been borrowed by another museum. Sad faces :(
They had these nice-looking pieces of cheesecake, or ostekake in Norwegian, but since I had no money it was too expensive for me (it still would've been too expensive, even if I had money, because Norway is crazy expensive!)

So instead of eating cheesecake and looking at "Skrik" we went wandering about Oslo. We found a second hand shop and the boys felt very deep and serious in some less-than-pretty jackets.

Maria couldn't find anything she really liked...

...but Rebecca saw something she liked: ME! ;)

The view from our room one evening. Yeah...foggy.

I found this amazing lamp that I absolutely want to own. Give it to me?!

We also went to Nationaltheatret to see Hedda Gabler. Fun was had by all. No, wait, fun was had by none. Silly Norwegians talking Norwegian and talking it too fast. Silly silly.

The view from the restaurant the last morning. Yeah...like I said, somewhat foggy.

Well, apart from the fog I had a lot of fun and feel much more secure with the Norwegian language now. I've been to Norway a couple of times before and will definitely try to go back again. (Especially if it suddenly becomes cheaper, because OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO BE RICH TO BE ABLE TO BUY ANYTHING IN NORWAY.)

But remember - Ut på tur, aldri sur!

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