Aug 17, 2014

Oh, hello again!

Thanks to receiving a comment on a previous post I re-discovered my blog today! Looking back on the latest gap in time it is apparent to me why I didn't blog between September and March. Last September I got a job as a personal assistant to a man in a wheelchair, and I worked for him more or less full time until March. I really disliked working for him, and my quality of life definitely took a big dip, but when I stopped working for him in late March I was so happy to finally be rid of him!

However, I was so tired and just felt all blaaaaah so I stayed at home for a little over a month before I could even muster the energy to go to the employment office and begin the long and arduous journey of finding a new job. I really hate working just because that's what you're supposed to do, and I think the way we view work and money in our society today is royally fucked up.

I long for a simpler life, having a small farm and a nice house in the countryside where I live in a collective with my friends and family! Growing our own food, feeding our own animals and making sure they have a good life before we eat them, spending time in nature, living, loving, laughing in peace and happiness is all I want from life!

This is my dream lifestyle, but I have a hard time seeing it actually happening. I mean, it's definitely not impossible, it's just...hard. Maybe it will become my reality in the future, but for now I have to keep trudging in modern society to take care of myself and my little family. Btw, the little surprise I hinted at in a previous post about my kitten Misha was that we were actually adopting his brother Sasha as well! So now, we have two cats who are a little over 1 year old, and they are both a blessing and a huge pain in the ass. Some days we hate them, but most of the time we love them dearly.

Misha and Sasha


Misha and Sasha as kittens, adorable!

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