Aug 18, 2014

Bikes and graves


Today hasn't been terribly exciting, but still a good day. Since I am nearly broke at the moment I can't really afford to buy a new bus card, so I rode my beautiful pink bike to a sort of interview today. I signed an employment contract so now I work part time for two firms as a personal assistant. Hopefully, I will also soon start working as a tutor, and then I can be a part of our capitalist society again, yay for me...

When the meeting thingy was over, I rode my bike through Majorna - my childhood neighbourhood here in Göteborg - to Västra kyrkogården, the cemetery where my paternal grandmother rests. She died in 1975, so I have never met her, and that makes me sad. My paternal grandfather is still alive, and he is so sweet and nice and dear to me, but I still wish I could have had a relationship with my grandmother as well. I never see my maternal grandfather and I have an infected relationship with my maternal grandmother, so more grandparents in my life would have been nice. Oh well, the dead stay dead so there's nothing I can do about that.

Anyway, I went to her grave and talked to her for a while, asking forgiveness for not having visited her in so many years. Us young people are so busy with ourselves, being all lazy and selfish, that we sometimes forget about others... I told her I would try to visit her more, and that I wished I could talk to her. If I start earning money again soon, I'm thinking about going to a medium to see what happens. I don't know if I believe in psychics and all that, but I'd like to see what they can tell me and I'd like it if there's something more to life than this realm.

After saying goodbye to my grandmother Elsie, I rode home (my ass was so sore!) and actually cooked for myself! I made some fish-in-the-oven-thingy with rice - very advanced cooking for me! Now I will resume my evening of eating chocolate and watching season 3 of Buffy.


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