Feb 26, 2009

A rhyme

Today I thought
I'd make a rhyme
on how I like to
spend my time.

I think my hobby's
rather neat
For best of all
I love to eat!

Yes, I like food
An awful lot,
At times I find
it hard to stop.

Chicken's nice,
when full of spice,
served with steamy,
fluffy rice.

Steak's a treat,
and ham is neat,
But what I like
the best is sweet!

I like junk food
of all kinds,
I stuff it down
in record times.

Cookies, candies
by the score;
licorice and
gum galore.

Give me
cupcakes anyday,
When I'm around
they'll never stay.

Ice cream's great
for any mood,
Syrup's good
on any food.

I'll struggle through
a large parfait,
makes my day.

But, oh, alas,
I'm in a rut;
My mother is a
health food nut.

/Hugh Bowman

I think this rhyme describes me perfectly, don't you?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, but mothers are unfortunately very wise - and always right !! :-)