Feb 18, 2009

Hunkiest Disney character

So... instead of studying Sandra and I made a list: The hunkiest (male) Disney characters!
After much discussion this is what we decided.

3rd place goes to... (drum roll)


You know you can't deny it, he IS hunky! He climbs trees, he fights off leopards and he saves damsels in distress. What more could you want?

2nd place goes to...

Captain Shang from 'Mulan'!

He is grumpy, he is Chinese and HE IS HOT!

He fought against the Huns and captured Mulan's heart as well as ours <3

And so we have reached 1st place, which goes to...

Kocoum from 'Pocahontas'

He is an indian warrior, promised Pocahontas' hand in marriage but the silly SILLY girl does not want him! Well, CLEARLY she did not deserve him. Sadly, he is killed by Thomas :(
I must admit I have a thing for native americans (which is why I think Bella should choose Jacob in the 'Twilight'-series)... *drooling*

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  1. Men, vad hände med Baloo då???
    Värsta hjälten, all times!!