May 13, 2013

Trip to Iceland, 14 April, Part: 2

Our trip to Iceland started early on a Sunday morning. My brother Robert picked Sandra and me up at about 7:30 am and drove us to the Nils Ericson terminal in Gothenburg, where we met up with Bea and Adam and took some early morning pictures and video before hopping on a bus headed to Kastrup, the airport in Copenhagen. 

Bea always looks happy, Adam "can only do indifferent", Sandra looks a bit tired, and I tried to show how happy I was, despite my being very tired, as usual.

We said goodbye to Gothenburg, and I waved as we drove past Liseberg (because once you've driven past Liseberg you're not in Gothenburg any longer, you're in Mölndal, which is pretty lame, everyone knows that :P).

Sandra and I sat in the front seats, because I usually suffer from motion sickness, and I much prefer NOT vomiting all over the place. I'm crazy like that. Since driving through Kungsbacka and such is pretty boring we took a lovely picture of ourselves instead. 

After Kungsbacka and the rest of Halland (snoooore!) comes Skåne. I have friends from Skåne, so I won't talk too ill about the place, but, although being green and nice, it is very flat and monotonous. I guess that's why Adam and Bea decided to just sleep instead of admiring the view... ;) (I think they look adorable!)

From Skåne you can drive over the Öresund bridge and just minutes later find yourself in Denmark. I took a couple of bye-bye Sweden pictures and one of the bridge, for those of you who find that sort of thing to be very exciting.

We decided to fly from Kastrup since there weren't any direct flights from Gothenburg and it was cheaper than flying via Stockholm. Saving money means losing time though, so the travelling took the better part of the day, leaving us stranded at the airport for about 5-6 hours. Fun was had by all, except us. We went outside to eat lunch, amidst all the stinky fumes, and tried to kill some time, since we couldn't even check our bags in until several hours later.

I always look super sexy, I know. We ate, we filmed, we smelled the fumes, perhaps got a little bit high off them, and we ate some chocolate. Chocolate is always the answer, the question is not very important.

(I think maybe I was under the influence of the fumes here...)

With several more hours to go until we could even check our bags in and go through security, we parked our behinds on some chairs, made ourselves as comfy as possible and played a kind of word association game. I'm sure you can tell we're extremely interesting and exciting people.

And finally, after so many and long hours, we went through security and did a bit of shopping. When I found this Smirnoff I couldn't help but remember two Christmases ago, when we had pudding with glitter on it and Julie wondered aloud if our poo would be sparkly the next day. (Note: The next day my poo WAS sparkly, in case you were wondering. I checked. I think it is important to conduct research when faced with questions like this. I am very scientific, you see.)

And so, after travelling and waiting an entire day, we finally boarded our flight! We were really excited (as you can tell if you watched the video I posted a few days ago) and even Adam managed something resembling a smile (he is a very happy chap though, make no mistake!).

I was very impressed with the TV screens in front of us, they made the three hour flight much more enjoyable! I watched The Hangover Part II and a couple of episodes of New Girl, and all of a sudden we were above Iceland!

My very first picture of Iceland!

This is basically what Iceland looks like (at least in the southwest part around the Reykjavik area), flat, muted colours, lava stone, seashores and long, mostly empty roads.

We landed as the sun set, and it was just beautiful.

Here are some funny-looking Icelandic words for you!

From the airport a bus picked us up and drove us to our apartment hotel. Easy and practical, I do recommend Flybus for anyone travelling to Iceland. Adam took a quick picture of me enjoying the view from the bus while the sun set completely, it was just vast and empty and harsh and lovely. Five minutes in the country and I already loved it.


  1. Vanessa, who happens to be from Kungsbacka.May 13, 2013 at 9:57 PM

    Wtf? Don't you have friends in Kba, you traitor?! o.O

    1. Haha of course my darling! I merely stated that driving THROUGH Kungsbacka is boring ;)