May 14, 2012

A dream

I have had something on my mind the whole day that I just feel I need to write about, so I'll do it here. This morning as I was sleeping soundly in my wonderful bed (seriously, I love my bed!) I was having a weird dream (as usual for me, most of my dreams are completely screwed up, but I'm sure that's normal. Right? Please, say that it is.). First I was dreaming about a lovely person who sadly isn't really a part of my life anymore. Maybe he could be again, I don't know. But he is indeed a lovely person and I was having a wonderful time dreaming about him.

Then the dream changed. I was having a completely ridiculous argument with an old couple about a cat (I told you, weird dreams), and as I was walking away to ride the elevator down and go outside, my cell phone rang. It was another person who also is not a part of my life anymore. But in the dream I didn't realize he was calling me, so I didn't answer (metaphor for what happened irl perhaps? :P). When I got down to the ground floor and the elevator doors opened, I saw him standing outside the glass door. I pretended not to see him and made a huge fuss about getting my bags out of the elevator, putting on my jacket and such. When there was nothing else I could possibly do to postpone going outside I stood there, in my dream, back towards the door and thought "How can I get out of this uncomfortable situation? I don't want to go outside and talk to him.". And do you know what happened? I woke up. My dreams can be awesome that way sometimes; when they're too uncomfortable, I can just wake up. Unfortunately, the feeling of discomfort hasn't left me yet, and it annoys me.
The whole last part of the dream annoys me because you're supposed to dream about the things you've been thinking about that day, and I certainly had not been thinking about this fellow. (I hadn't been thinking about that first fellow either, but I really like him, so it didn't bother me at all to dream about him ;)) The thing that bugs me is why I dreamt about fellow #2. I don't know why!!! I haven't exactly been feeling bad about us not being part of each other's lives anymore, so what gives, Universe? Why are you doing this to me?!
Please give me more dreams about fellow #1 instead.

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