Apr 13, 2012

Ole Ivars - Nei så tjukk du har blitt

Continuing on the Norwegian theme a bit longer, I hereby share this gem with you.

Ole Ivars is a Norwegian dansband ("dance band" - seriously, click the link). Dansbandsmusik is a Swedish music genre (unfortunately) that has spread to the rest of Scandinavia and also the Swedish speaking regions of Finland. The purpose of this music genre isn't actually to enjoy the music or the lyrics, but to dance to catchy tunes. Middle-aged and slightly older people in the countryside in Sweden (and I would guess in the rest of Scandinavia too) love to go out and dance. Or, as we would say in Sweden, gå ut och skaka sina lurviga. That is the only reason this kind of music exists, believe me. On behalf of my people and more sensible countrymen, I truly and deeply want to apologize to the rest of Scandinavia (and perhaps even the world) for this. But, you know, what's done is done, and we can all just try to enjoy what such a catastrophe can bring. Namely, Ole Ivars song "Nei så tjukk du har blitt".

Translated into English it basically means "Oh no, how fat you've become". I know, you really can't go wrong with a song entitled that, right?!

Now, unlike most dansbandsmusik, this is NOT a serious song about someone's smiling, golden brown eyes (as most other dansband songs are). Instead, it is meant to be funny. And it is. Oh, is it ever...

So, embrace your Swedishness and

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