Mar 19, 2012

Svensker er mennesker

Yes, I know. I have been bad at updating. Yet again. But honestly, one could almost claim I've been having a life the past month or so. Amazing, some might even say miraculous, but true.

To make up for it, I have a treat. At least for those of you who understand Norwegian. So basically those of you who are Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finno-Swedish, Faroese or Greenlandic. I am Swedish, so yay, I understand Norwegian! Ha!
If you read this blog on a regular basis, or have by chance just read an older post here about Scandinavianness/Nordicness (I'm suuuure those are real words), you will probably remember me yapping about how it is important to embrace your Nordicness when living in a Nordic country (Sweden is a Nordic country, wouldn't you know). With that also comes the importance of understand the Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Norwegian and Danish). In addition to that, I think it is jolly good to know a thing or two about our culture/s and the relationships between our countries.
It can also be hilarious. Like now. What I am about to show you is (at least I think it is) a very funny piece of investigational journalism about the relationship between Sweden and Norway. In the past, some might even say still, Sweden has been a kind of older/big brother to Norway (And Finland. And perhaps even Denmark. But I digress.). That has, or is, changing though, and the Norwegians think it very important to show us Swedes this. Some might say in an impertinent manner, but I say it's hilarious. And glorious.
My very awesome (and sometimes sassypantsy) classmate Adam first showed me this as we were headed for Oslo, for our class trip.
Anyway, enough yapping, enjoy this gem (or these gems I should say, since there are six of them) of Norwegianness/Swedishness!

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