Mar 27, 2012

In sickness and in health

I have been suffering from a nasty cold these past few days, and have, consequently, not stepped outside since Saturday. Today, however, I almost felt alive again (or, at least, less dead than I have in several days) and I had school things to attend to. I needed to buy a compendium and also read it before a seminar tomorrow, boring shit like that, you know. But I wasn't really feeling it. I was thinking that maybe I would do fine at the seminar without having read what we were supposed to read. Because really, I still wasn't feeling very good, and my nose didn't want to stay dry. Gross, yeah, I know.
But then. Then! My flatmate Elizabeth sent me an MMS with a picture of the most awesome bag I have ever seen. So, naturally, I knew I had to get my shit together and go buy this amazing bag, because it would be so totally worth it. This was an interesting experience, due to the fact that I could barely use my legs for standing, much less for walking. Let's just say that illness doesn't really make me hungry, and therefore I haven't been eating a whole lot since, like...Friday. So yeah, not a whole lot of strength in my legs today. They were shaking like crazy and I had to stop and hold on to things whenever I could. You could say it was a little scary, not having control of your body, or you could choose to be more positive and call it interesting. Whatever floats your boat.
Anyway, away I went to meet Anna at school, because yes, I was responsible enough to fix my school things first. I had a hard time hearing what she was saying, since I also suffered from ear blockage, and spent a lot of the time saying "Ha? Saru?" (Swedish slang for "What? What did you say?"). I'm sure this must've been annoying, so if you read this Anna, sorry 'bout that!
Well, I told her about the bag and said we needed to go buy it before having lunch (because honestly, it was more important than feeding my weakened body), and she agreed, because she is such a great person, the best really <3
Anyway, blahblahblah, here is the bag:

Told you it was worth it.