Oct 12, 2011

October fun

So, October started out as a great month fun-wise. I dragged Alex, Elizabeth and Elias with me to Sci-Fi Mässan one day, and we really got our nerd on.
It was glorious.
The kid standing in front of Chewie was shy at first, but come on, who wouldn't be when meeting Chewie for the first time?

Something clearly caught my attention. Something more important than posing for a picture.
But hey, I have a Batman t-shirt! I'm awesome.

The next day we went to Liseberg. We had 2 free ride tickets each, and decided that it would be a good idea to ride FlumeRide. Yeah, it was....not a good idea :P
At least, it wasn't a dry idea.
I am not kidding when I say that a wave decided to roll on in over my head and completely soaked me through. Good times.
The rest of the evening was wet. And cold.

And yes, I look completely retarded in this picture (and short and stubby, but that has to be because of the angle of the photo). But never mind. It was fun anyway.

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