Oct 4, 2011

England 3 July

This Sunday meant a trip to London!
Here we are at Brighton Station.

Buckingham Palace

Lunch in St James's Park
Team Sweden and Team Finland lunching together
Stopping for photos
Lovely Paula
Follow the umbrella!
Big Ben and Houses of Parliament
Some of my kids (minus the three ladies in the middle)
A mix of some of the Swedish and Finnish girls
Ooooh my photography skills are amazing!
I really like this picture
Felicia and Julia, my little sweeties
London Eye
The girls had to take a Ben & Jerry's break
Beware of the horse, it's fucking dangerous!
Trafalgar Square
Not one of my kids knew who Lord Nelson was...oh dear
Naughty street performer man

Our kids forced us to get up there too
At Hamley's
Awesome... just... awesome

On our way back to the station we went past Buckingham Palace again
Group photo! Team Sweden
And please note that I am not that fat in real life, it's the yellow shirt and the way I'm sitting.
It ain't flattering.

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