Sep 25, 2011

England 2 July

The first weekend started out nicely. I even had time to go have lunch with my father, stepmother Julie and stepsister Dee (mmm hamburgers at Fatboy Slim's American style diner, yummy), followed by a walk along the beach. It was very nice.

Here they are, Dee looking very uncomfortable indeed.

And oh, look. I got to be in a picture too. Yay me.
That bag actually made my sunburn look really weird, as the strap covered half of my chest, leaving that half pale white and the rest of my chest red-pinkish. Very stylish indeed.

I really love the beach huts with their rainbow doors ^^

Pretty pretty pretty.

And, as usual, Julie took pictures too. That lady sure does love pictures.

Love this picture!

And finally, a solo performance by Dee. She would probably hate that I put her up here, but I think she looks lovely, and she also is very lovely, so I want to share her with you guys.

This was my calm and enjoyable Saturday.
Then came Sunday...uuuhh.

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