Sep 25, 2011

England 1 July

Okay, so I recently realised that I have barely blogged about my trip to England this summer. So I thought that I should remedy this now, in the middle of the night. Here goes!
As you might know if you read my blog and/or if you know me personally irl, I went to England, more specifically to Brighton, on 29 June to work as an English teacher for a language travel course agency called STS Språkresor. It was my friend Anna S who set me up to this, and I can assure you I spent many a day freaking out about going away on my own for 21 days to work in England with a bunch of people and youngsters I didn't know. Anyway, I went. And it was actually awesome. Of course. Eventually.
The first day was less awesome though. I spent most part of it travelling. From Gothenburg to Malmö to Copenhagen by train, meeting some of my students at Kastrup, flying to Heathrow, getting separated from the group due to me taking a different flight than everyone else (stupid booking crap), having to take some weird inter-terminal train, going by bus to Brighton, making sure all the students got to their host families, taking a taxi to my own host family and FINALLY collapsing into bed at like 2 o'clock in the morning.
I did not sleep well that first night. Woke up like seven times, having panic attacks, worrying about the forthcoming three weeks and wondering why the fuck I had signed up for this. I just wanted to go back home and hug my mommy. Eventually I got up, met my new roommates Paula from Finland and Sofia from Stockholm, and realised it would probably be okay. I don't particularly remember the rest of the day since it went by in a blur, but I was clearly too preoccupied with other things to take pictures, so picture-wise we'll be starting 1 July.

This is a nice little shop in The Lanes where you can buy fairy lights with coloured balls. You can mix and match however you like, and I really want one of my own. I guess I'll just have to go back there after Christmas or something. Damn.

Fizziwigg's Finest Sweet Emporium is exactly what you might think it is. A fine sweet emporium. If you are ever in The Lanes in Brighton, check it out. Candy!

Here is my sweet little Paula, modelling in front of an aqueous piece of art, also known as a "fountain". It's got children and dolphins in it. I like dolphins. Children, not so much.

A nice picture of a part of The Lanes

Ah, I love this! Most of Paula's and my students sitting around at Churchill Square blowing bubbles at each other. What a nice way to spend time.

A Friday sunset, picture taken from Brighton Pier.

After the sun had set and the kids went home to their host families, we went out pubbing!
Maria (Spain), Ivan (Spain) and alcohol (not Spain). Good stuff.

Paula (Finland), Nikita (Denmark) and a piece of Christian (Sweden).

Paula, Christian and Matt (England/Sweden) chatting away. Well, Matt's not so much chatting as he is drinking alcohol, but whatevs.

I was there too! And I even tasted Maria's Guinness. It was yucky, of course.

So, as you can see, I survived the first three days without too much psychological scarring. Spending some time with people your own age and drinking alcoholic beverages actually helps quite a lot. And then came the weekend. Oh, the weekend.

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