Feb 16, 2010


Yesterday was a good day, because Sandra and I saw Outlander. Like...finally! If you're thinking something along the lines of "But hey, why would you want to see that movie?", then my answer is to just look at the fucking picture. What can you see? The answer is:
Need I say more? If you know me at all, then I needn't say more.
If you don't know me, I can elaborate the answer. You can see:
  • Vikings = manly men with LONG, beautiful hair and freakishly cool weapons, like swords and axes, and weapon skills.
  • A viking lady with LONG, beautiful hair and freakishly cool weapons and weapon skills.
  • A bloodthirsty monster from a planet somewhere in space, that is not Earth.
  • Viking ships

I really don't think the list has to be any longer. A short summary of the plot could be good too, if you don't think the reasons listed above are enough to make you want to see the movie.

It is about Kainan, a man from a different planet, who crashes his space ship in a lake in Norway. He saves himself from drowning and passes out on the cliffs (pussy). Later he wakes up and, in about ten seconds, learns "Old Norse", a.k.a. English. He walks along in the woods and stumbles upon a village, or should I say, a former village. "Doh!" he thinks, "Moorwen must've followed me here and killed everyone, damn!" (Moorwen is the bloodthirsty monster mentioned above) "This is potentially not good..."

Kainan is soon captured by some sexy vikings who believe the slaughter of the village to be his fault. He tells them it was a dragon who did it, and even though they are vikings, they don't believe him (weird, huh?). After some more vicious attacks from the "dragon" and a lot of blood and guts (yay! :D), the vikings finally believe Kainan and they start to come up with some sort of plan to kill the beast.

I won't say more, cause frankly... nuff said.

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