Feb 19, 2010

Falconer - Emotional Skies

This is the only other video I could find with Falconer, and it...sucks. I really do love the song though, so I'm putting it here anyway. The only thing I like about the video is that you get to see Karsten's footwork on the drums. I fucking love it! I also really love the guitar solos. What I don't love at all though, is Kristoffer Göbel as the singer. He is lame and reminds me too much of Hammerfall's Joacim Cans (an UGLY Joacim Cans that is). Boooring! Nobody could ever be a better singer for Falconer than Mathias Blad, cause that guy is EPIC! Thank god that Mathias is back in the band and has been for the last couple of years =)
So Mr. Göbels... kiss my ass, you suck!

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