Jan 5, 2010

Gothenburg - Oslo - Málaga

Realised I haven't reported anything about our trip to Spain yet, so I must do so now.
It started the 30th December with mum driving us to Gothenburg early. Robert went on his way and I went to Sandra. I had plans to go and do some after-Christmas-shopping, but couldn't be bothered since I was tired and lazy, but mostly since it was cold outside. So I spent the rest of the day inside instead, and in the evening Pär came and drank some tea, ate some cookies and just chilled out. He also drove me to the bus station later, which was very nice of him. Thank you, Pär.
The bus was scheduled to leave at 01.55, but I was there almost an hour early so I walked round for a bit in Gothenburg trying to find some place to buy drinks for the bus ride. Turns out it's not very easy in the middle of the night on a Wednesday...
I then went back to the station to wait for Robert and almost died from the cold (well, at least my toes did), since it was -10 - -15 degrees outside. Finally, Robert came and the bus went on its way.
After a couple of hours, right after the Norwegian border, customs stopped us and checked the bus, which took FOREVER. We had to wait for them to check everyone's passports, get off the bus, gather our luggage, and then get on the bus again. A little more than an hour later we arrived in Oslo. By that point I was tired as hell, hungry and in great need of a toilet. But no time to rest, we had to keep travelling. So off we went, to find the train to the airport. That part was luckily easy enough, and the train ride only took 15-20 minutes or something. Finally, we found toilets! *Hallelujah*
We went through security, bought a rather expensive breakfast, got annoyed with the Swedish youngsters working at the airport restaurants/bars, and then watched The Big Bang Theory until it was time to board the plane. We had now gone for 23-24 hours without sleeping and were completely knackered. I fell into an uneasy sleep on the plane, where I kept waking up all the time. After about 4 hours of this troublesome sleep we finally landed in Spain and had no use for our jackets, scarves, hats or mittens anymore. It was about 15 degrees and sunny in Málaga.
We drove to Torrox, settled in, took showers, had a bit to eat and almost felt like people again. The rest of the day and evening was spent quietly and calmly indoors, in front of the telly. We had dinner and then watched some British New Year's tv show, and enjoyed the fireworks on the London Eye. A few hours later I realised that I had gone for 41 hours without any real sleep, and just fell into bed and was dead to the world.

Happy New Year indeed! :P

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