Nov 5, 2009


Finally, my hair is black again! Just for a while, it will wash out after some weeks, but still... It feels like me again, and I'm loving it! Starting to find my old self again *deep sigh of relief* =)

Today, I've been watching Gilmore Girls the whole day basically. I think I've seen twelve episodes... maybe I should do what I'm supposed to do instead, like study... hm. Ah, tomorrow will be the day for that! (keep telling yourself that...)

At the moment, I'm listening to Metallica (Black album) and rejoicing at the blackness of my hair. Maybe I should get a life... or maybe not! (it feels like a day with many maybe-I-shoulds...)

Well whatever, I should at least go to bed now; school tomorrow!

Peace out!


  1. Oooononononononononono! Don't get a life, that wouldn't be very Linn-ish...

  2. Ok Lina, I'm sorry. I won't do anything that would upset you :P