Nov 20, 2012

Just some more little things


Mmm, is there a better feeling than just having showered, putting on some clean pajamas and crawling into your clean, freshly made bed? I don't think so.

Or, in other words, a completely normal day for me.
The sad (or awesome?) part is that I'm not even joking.
At all.

And by "formal event" I mean school.

Being Swedish, and living in Sweden, it is definitely sweater weather right now. But that's perfectly okay, because I am very adapted to my surroundings. I'm a very good Swede who doesn't complain about the cold or about the weather and other trivial shit that other (less good) Swedes constantly bitch about. In my opinion, if you don't like the weather, the darkness, the whatever, then move the fuck away from Sweden, because I goddamn love it!

Love it.

Love this too.

Sometimes it's just awesomely lovely to stay inside, listening to the rain.

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